Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 26, 2018


Hi Mom,

Holy cow! That sounds like you’ve had a busy week!! I’ve had a crazy busy week as well!

On Tuesday night, I met up with Elder Ho and Elder Miller in Medford. We drove up to Eugene that night and spent at some with some missionaries up there.

Early Wednesday we met up with President Orton and the rest of the departing missionaries and drove up to the Portland Temple. I love the temple so much! The spirit was so strong there! I felt so close to my Father in Heaven. There is no doubt in my mind that God lives. He is really there, and he loves us so much!

After the temple session, President took us to lunch. As we ate, President Orton asked all of us what our plans were once we got home. He asked me what the first thing I was going to do when I got home, to which I said give mom a hug!! Needless to say, after the temple trip I was so checked! Especially because President told all of us our missions were over! Hahaha

When we got back to Eugene, Elder Ho, Miller, and I got back in the mini van we took up from Medford and started driving. We didn’t get back to Medford till 9:30 or so... so that meant that we didn’t get back to Klamath until midnight... I was so tired!! I slept like a rock!! Elder Baker had to wake me up Thursday morning! Hahahaha

Thursday was good! We did weekly planning, and had a lesson with Kynley to prepare her for baptism! It was such a good lesson!

Friday was my last District Meeting. It was definitely bitter sweet. I’m going to miss having such a spiritual meeting every week with these wonderful missionaries.

Saturday! We had such a busy day!! We had a baptism!! Kynley got baptized and it went so well!! It was such a great time. I’ll attach the pictures!

Sunday we were so busy! We had church in Keno, then we went to a lesson an hour and a half away, then we had another lesson to get to, then we had our Dinner Appointment, then we had a meeting with the whole zone leadership

Then that’s to today! See you in two days!

Love, Elder Snyder 

Also, spicy chicken please

Monday, March 19, 2018

Only 9 More Days!!

Hey Mom!!

Holy cow! Only 9 more days??? Where has the time gone?? I can’t believe how fast these two years have gone by!!

That is cool that you had an investigator come to church with you this week!! That’s so exciting!!
Insert background: ~A friend of ours came to church with us on Sunday. She has actually been going to Seminary and is good friends with a student of mine. She met Elise in 5th period at school. It's a class where a bunch of kids have an online class so that's why Elise met her. She is a Senior. She was a little skeptical coming to our ward because she felt judged and out of place at another congregation. She said she liked our ward though (to our face anyway). Thankfully Sacrament meeting was phenomenal and she said she liked Sunday school and Young Women. I hope she decides to come back~

Now to the rest of Bracken's letter:

Man, that’s not cool. There is a commandment the Savior gives us all over the scriptures. That is to “Judge not.” It’s an absolute. It’s not “judge not sometimes, or judge not only when it’s convenient” it is “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Judge not, that ye be not judged.” (3 Nephi 14:1)

I hope she can look past those judgements and come unto Christ. It’d be cool to meet her! Hopefully she comes to church again!! Perhaps I could help teach with the missionaries! It might help me transition into the next phase of life! Hahaha

I’m so excited to see you all! I’m glad your week is so busy!! Ours is super busy as well which means the time is just going to fly by!! I’m so excited!
This week was so busy! We taught so many lessons it’s insane!!! Our investigators are doing so well! We had four investors attend church this week! In Keno Branch, Sera and her husband and their kids came, as well as our investigator Kynley. Kynley is on track to be baptized next Saturday! I’m so excited! Baptisms are such an awesome experience, I’m grateful my last week I get to see one.

In Klamath 1st Ward we had Conner come to church. He is doing well, but his mom raised his age to be baptized from 12 to 15, so we are super upset about that, but what can we do. It’ll work out I’m sure.

We found a new investigator up in Chiloquin. Her name is Wanda and she lives out in the middle of nowhere up on a mountain. We had to drive on a super muddy road, but the RAV4 did so good!! I was so happy we didn’t get stuck!!

We had a lesson with Sera this week down at her house. It was a long drive down there, but it was so worth it! We talked about quitting smoking. Sera is doing so well, she is almost there!! Soon she’ll be over this addiction! To help her quit, I decided to quit something as well. I committed to Sera that from now on I will give up Oreos. I know that it’s hard to do anything alone, so I wanted to let Sera that I’m with her in this endeavor. So when I get home don’t try to give me Oreos because I’ve quit! Hahaha

Zone Conference was so good! The highlight of the meeting for me was the teaching segment Elder Baker and I did. We taught Safeguard number 2 from safeguards for using technology (stay focused on our purpose). We presented it in a more non conventional way. We did a big role play or a skit to demonstrate different ways missionaries break the standards in that particular safeguard. It was hilarious!! We then “missed an appointment” and felt horrible and went over how this safeguard helps us focus on our purpose and avoid wasting time on our iPads. President and the APs told us that it was the most effective segment they saw all week!

President also had me and two other missionaries that go home with me bear our testimonies right at the end of the Conference. It was not a cool move... I was a mess the rest of the day! I really love this work. I can’t believe my time is almost up. But time marches on, doesn’t it?

On Friday all the Elders in Klamath did a service project for some children’s organization. They were having a fundraiser, and they needed help setting up. So we set up 39 round tables, 312 chairs, and set the tables with table cloths, plates, cups, fancy folded napkins, etc. it was really fun!! I mean, a bunch of Mormon boys setting up tables and chairs? We’ve been doing that since we’ve been walking!! They were so appreciative of the work we were able to do and for the efficiency we were able to do it with that they bought us pizza!!! Anyway, that went well!

This next week we are super busy. On Tuesday I’m heading up to Medford to meet up with Elder Ho and Elder Miller then we’re going to drive up to Eugene and spend the night with Elder Hoskins and his companion. Then on Wednesday morning we are going to pick up Elder Johnson and all of us are going to meet President and Sister Orton and their going to take us up to Portland to go to the temple! I’m so excited to go to the Portland temple with all the departing missionaries! It’s been a long time waiting for the departing temple trip and now it’s here!

I’m not going to get back to Klamath til either super late Wednesday night or Thursday morning. It’ll depend on what time we get back to Medford and if we spend the night there or not.

We got a baptism on Saturday, and church in Keno on Sunday, then pday on Monday (just hanging out with the boys and playing ball or playing pool at a members house, we haven’t decided yet.)

Tuesday I’ll be driving up to Eugene on the transfer van, then having my last interview with President, then spend the night up in Eugene, then Wednesday I’ll be heading home!! Crazy!!!

Well, that’s about it! I love ya mom! I’ll see you real soon! I promise next week I’ll try to write a ton, but it’ll be hard because I’ll just get to tell you about it!

Love ya!

Elder Snyder 

Off-Roadin in Oregon

2 Weeks!!!

We are so excited!!!

March 12, 2018

Hey Mom!

I can’t believe it. Time has gone by so fast! 16 days will go by like nothing else!

This last week was so good!! We had a baptsim! Briar was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday! It was such a refreshing thing to see. Peoples lives are changed by the gospel, and being able to see that is so amazing!

We also have to prepare another investigator for baptism on the 24th. We have three lessons with them this week to make sure they understand everything for the baptism interview on Saturday. Her name is Kynley, and she is a child in a part member family. We’ve had such blessings in finding these people. I finally figured out missionary work and I go home in two weeks!! Ahh!

We had MLC this week, which meant we had to drive up to Eugene. MLC was so great! We talked about the smart phones and the procedures for replacing the current phones missionaries have with the smart phones. We discussed a few other things as well to help our missionaries come closer to Christ and better fulfill their purpose. One of the ways we thought of to help the Zone is through developing temperance. Elder Baker and I have been studying temperance and it’s so interesting what we’ve found! 

We have so much scheduled! This week we have Zone Conference on Thursday in Medford, then on the following Tuesday I’m driving up to Eugene, then Wednesday morning I’m going up to Portland with President Orton and all the departing missionaries. Then the next Tuesday is transfers!! With all these things planned, these next few days are going to go by quick!

Speaking of Zone Conference, I was asked to conduct the meeting, so I’m pretty excited about that. Elder Baker and I were also asked to teach a segment at Zone Conference. We’ve been preparing all week, and we are so excited for Thursday! It’s going to be so good!

I’m trying to think what else is going on. Oh, One of our investigators is doing real good with smoking! She went from smoking 3 packs a day to one cigarette a day! Hopefully this week she quits! Once she quits, we are putting her on date for baptism!! We are so excited for her!

I can’t wait to see and meet the Ward when I get home, it looks as if so much has changed! It’ll be good to meet everyone.

I’m sorry to hear about grandpa. I hope he gets better soon! I’ll definitely be praying for him.

Happy Birthday to Uncle Aaron! I already emailed him!

It looks like you had a fun time at time out for women. That looks like those talks were super awesome! Brad Wilcox is such a good speaker, and those other ones sound so good as well!

3 Nephi is so good. I always feel so uplifted when I read it. 

I am so thankful for Prophets and Apostles. It is so nice to know that God speaks to man. God isn’t silent, he speaks to His Prophets, and they hear his voice. I’ve come to know that is true by listening to the words our prophets, and seeing their works. Truly, by their works we shall know them.

Love you mom! I’m so excited to see you in 16 days!!! It’ll go by quickly!

Elder Snyder

(Ps, could you have some chick fl a waiting for me at the airport? It’s going to be late by the time I get home, but my body will think it’s only 7:00pm or so... and I know chick fl a closes by the time we will get back near home.)

I have pictures!
Pizza Party!

Briers baptism! Briers dad got to baptize him! It was cool because Brother Mathews is a returning member.

Monday, March 5, 2018

We're In The Month This Kid Comes Home!! Just Sayin....

Hey Mom!

Miracles are happening in Klamath Falls!! To make a long story short, our Zone went from having 4 people progressing to a baptism date to 9 people with a baptism date. It is so crazy how when we as missionaries put faith in the Lord, and show their faith by their obedience, God trusts the missionaries with people to teach!

Sera is doing good! She had to go to a funeral so wasn’t able to make it to church. She was so sad she had to miss it! She’ll come this week though!

Briar is getting baptized on Saturday. We’re looking forward to that! We called the Branch president in Keno to talk about the Briar’s baptism, and he told us that there is another nine year old the branch missionaries have taught the first two lesson, and that we need to teach the rest of the lessons and get her baptized on March 24th. What a miracle! The Keno Branch knows how to do missionary work for sure.

This week we’ve done a lot of prep for MLC (mission leadership council) that is in Eugene tomorrow. I’m looking forward to driving up there tomorrow. It is going to be an awesome experience to council with the mission leaders about how to best help the mission grow.

There is a lot of work to be doing! No time for distractions!! I agree, I only have three weeks left, and have a lot of work to do in those three weeks! I’m so excited to see the miracles that will happen these last few weeks!

That’s about it for my week. I’m happy to hear Elise did well at MPA! Those were always fun to go to!

Dad is such a good sport! My perspective has changed though, I’d love to go to Disney with you guys just to be with you guys! I can tell why dad likes to go with you all there!

I’m glad that church went well! Our testimony meeting was great as well! Just one more fast Sunday then I’ll be home! I can’t wait to see you!

I’m glad that you’re getting so much out of the Book of Mormon. On Saturday I studied Moroni chapter 7. It was such an uplift. I felt so loved by our Heavenly Father. 

Just listen to this! 

“28 For he hath answered the ends of the law, and he claimeth all those who have faith in him; and they who have faith in him will cleave unto every good thing; wherefore he advocateth the cause of the children of men; and he dwelleth eternally in the heavens.

29 And because he hath done this, my beloved brethren, have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of men.”

Christ advocates our cause!! How joyous is that!? He loves us so much! I know that with all my heart. He is the Son of God. He lives. He loves us.

Love ya mom! Hope you have a great day!

Elder Snyder

Moroni Chapter 7: