Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018!! The Year Bracken Comes Home!!!!

Hey Momma!

How are you doing today??

I’m doing great! Transfers are this week. I’m getting Elder Caleb Baker. Elder Baker is so awesome!! He is a hard worker and a great friend. I’ve served around for a lot.. it’s super awesome. He’ll definitely help keep me motivated for the next six weeks.

Not much to report on as far as this week. We did find some new investigators, and we taught a bunch of lessons. I can’t really remember much because we’ve had a long weekend. This weekend, we caught Sisters hanging out with Elders in the Elders apartment. We kicked the Sisters out, and had a long talk with the Elders and sent the STLs (Sister Training Leaders) over to the Sisters place for them to talk about that. We called President, and he got involved and things got taken care of. President talked with us after he called and talked with those missionaries, and it broke my heart to hear the disappointment in his voice. He puts a lot of trust in us missionaries, and he really wants us to be successful, and is so sad to hear how hurt he is by disobedience. That changed Transfers for them too.. which was disappointing because they all were excited for their transfers.

Let’s see, on a good note, we’re getting a brand new missionary in the Zone! We’ll figure out who it is on Thursday:) I’m excited because when this Elder finishes training.. I’ll be done!! Isn’t that crazy?? The time is running short here... I’m so thankful that I have this opportunity to serve though.

I’m feeling healthy and ready to work! I’m so excited because this transfer is my birthday!! Yay!! Then  I’ll be gearing up to come home! It’s so weird how fast the time is flying by.

This week, I’ve been thinking about a scripture in Helaman 18. It says 

“21 And he commanded them that there should be no contention one with another, but that they should look forward with one eye, having one faith and one baptism, having their hearts knit together in unity and in love one towards another.”

I really love this scripture. I love the phrase “ having their hearts knit together in unity and in love.” I know that as we unify ourselves in the love of Christ (charity)that we will feel so many blessings. I look back on the transfers where I’ve been so unified with my companion, that no contention gets in the way of the work. I know that this can parallel into my life after the mission. I know that there is so many blessings that come from being unified, and I’m so thankful for the Atonement that will help us achieve that.

I love you mom! I’m glad you had a fun New Years!!

Elder Snyder
This sister is going home! In the mission field they get "killed" off and this is her send off picture. Crazy kids! I do love how excited they are for her as she gets to go home! 

Peace Out!

Soon it will be Bracken's turn! We aren't excited or anything! ;)

Christmas Day Skype!!

It was amazing to visit with Bracken and our Utah kids via Skype! The last Skype call before he gets to come home!!! We are all excited as we have his return date....March 28, 2018!!! 3 months, 2 transfers and he'll be home!! He'll get to meet Olivia for the first time in person! Looking forward to having our family all together again!

Bracken shared his testimony at the end of his call:

Sorry I didn't make sure the camera was on him the whole time...I was paying attention to his message. I miss that kid!! I'm grateful his time is winding down and he'll be home soon!

The scripture Bracken referred to in his message:
Ether 12:27
"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Counting Down!!

Last week Jason, Nicole and Olivia were here so we all took a pic with the countdown block!! It's actually at 14 weeks now and this coming Wed, the 27th it will be 13!! Woohoo!! 

No Fun Being Sick!!

Hey Momma,

I’m glad you had such a good week! I, on the other hand, didn’t have the best of weeks last week. I woke up super sick on Wednesday. I had a fever, vomiting, bad cough, congestion, soar throat, the whole nine yards. I was under the direction of the mission nurse to be confined to the bed.

Thursday I was still sick

And Friday.

And Saturday.

Sunday I got the Ok for church and stuff, so I went to church and we tried to see a couple people, but nobody was home, so that was a bummer.

I was also upset because I had to spend money out of my personal cards for meds and stuff... I ran out of Tylenol and cold relief and nasal decongestant... it was not cheap... it was hard because I really don’t want to spend money from my personal card for the rest of my mission. Anyway..

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures because I was in bed all week,

I did, however, have a really neat experience this week. Thursday night, I was having a real hard time. I couldn’t sleep, so I was out in the living room on our couch trying to sleep there. When sleep never came, I decided to pray. I poured out all my feelings to my Heavenly Father. I expressed my frustration with my illness, and my desire to feel better so I could get back to work. After I finished praying, I thought I heard a voice tell me to feel peace, for I am a child of God, and this trial is for my growth. 

I was humbled. I came to realize that God wasn’t forgetting about me, but was trying to help me become a better man. I know that all trials we go through are here to help us. I know God Loves us. 

That’s about it for me, I cannot wait to Skype you! Could we actually move the Skype time to 10:15? A member invited us over for breakfast and stuff and we’ll be in WiFi before I originally thought.

Love you!

Elder Snyder

A Special Experience...

Hi Everyone,
On Sunday, December 10th I was asked to go into the Primary Opening Exercises and talk to the kids ages 3-11. They do an ancestor spotlight and ask different people to do it. It was so fun. I shared with Bracken what happened:

Here's what I did in Primary on Sunday. I posted it on our ward Facebook page so the parents could see. I thought you would like to see it too. When I first got there I showed them a picture of you and asked them who you were and they all said "He's a Missionary!!!" It was the cutest thing ever!! 

I was asked to give an ancestor spotlight today in Primary during opening exercises. I chose to talk of Deryl's mom's brother, Glenn Rowley. He passed away at a young age, almost 8 years old. He was the youngest of 6 kids and brought so much joy, love, life and a little mischief into their lives. When our Bracken was born everyone said how much he reminded them of Glenn. Bracken has that same personality and spark in his eyes as Glenn did. After talking with the kids I told them even though Glenn lived a short life on Earth, he did great things, like being kind, making his family laugh and enjoying life. I also told them I know Glenn is doing missionary work right now in the spirit world, just like our Bracken is doing here on the Earth. I reminded the kids even though they are young they can influence those around them like Glenn did. I then asked the kids what they can do to bring joy into their families. Your kids thought of such sweet things like being nice, doing chores, making their families laugh and being good examples just to name a few. I love the Primary and I'm so glad I got to visit today. Thank you Primary Presidency for asking me to come and giving me the opportunity to think of our ancestors. Attached are pictures of Glenn and Bracken about the same age as each other. I hope you all have the chance to go in and share about your ancestors. What a blessing it is to know they live and we will see them again one day. <3

December 12th

Hey Mom!

I’m glad to hear your week went good! My week was long, but it was definitely very good. We had a lot of stuff happen, and we’re excited to see what happens this week.

I got your package yesterday. I put all the Christmas presents underneath our little Christmas Tree. I can’t wait to Skype you in two weeks!! I’m so excited!! Does 10:45am my time work for you? We have an hour to Skype this time!!

Alright, my week.

Last Tuesday we had MLC (mission leadership council) in Eugene. We actually drove to Medford on Monday night and stayed the night with Elder Clark and Richmond. It was so fun to see those Elders again. We had a great time catching up with those Elders.

We met with the Medford and Central Point ZLs and drove the Medford ZLs van up to Eugene. MLC was a very good meeting. We discussed with all the ZLs, the assistants,  president Orton and his counselors, and Sister Orton. It was amazing! We made plans and set goals as to becoming a more Christlike mission and how we can develop more Christlike obedience in the mission.

After MLC we drove back down to Medford, we got dinner there, then headed home to Klamath. We got home about 10:30

Wednesday was fun, we had service at treasures, a thrift shop, then we went out finding. We ended the day out with Correlation with our ward mission leader in Klamath 1st.

Thursday we had weekly Planning, then we went to help a lady in the Ward insulate her water pipes. It was super fun! She took us to a Vietnamese restaurant after. Thursday night was super fun! We went to the parade that Klamath has each year and as a Zone we passed out hot chocolate. It was freezing outside, which helped people appreciate the hot chocolate!

Friday and Saturday were pretty normal. Nothing really happened that is worth mentioning.

Sunday we went out to the Chiloquin Branch for church. It was so fun! That branch loves the missionaries and loves the work. They just got a few new new move ins. They also have a bunch of people that moved up here from Riverside, CA, but none seemed to know Jason.

Monday was interviews! My interview with President Orton was awesome. I love that man. He is so inspired. We talked about my time left on a mission, and helped me make plans to keep working hard. We came to the realization that my time is so short.. but I know that it will be worth working hard to the end.

I love serving in Klamath. There is an Airforce base here in Klamath, and as I compose this email I can here the 
F-15s flying around doing training and it looks as if they’re just having a good time! The people here are great too... just so loving and happy.

I also want to say that I know this church is Christ’s Church once again established on the earth. Elder Call and I were talking about the Restoration at dinner the other night, and it hit me how thankful I am that God Loves us so much that he restored his church back to the Earth. I know God is real, and I know Christ is real. The power of Christ’s Atonement is so amazing. It really is the only way to find true peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come.

That was my week! I love you so much! 

Elder Snyder