Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The countdown begins!

The Smithsons gave us a countdown for Bracken and Elise got to turn it over yesterday before school. Hooray for counting down! 

MTC Day! March 23, 2016

waiting for Jason to get out of class
We found Jason!
Last meal as a family at Brick Oven Pizza. We were happy to spend some time together before dropping Bracken off

getting out the luggage

one more giant hug and lots of tears

encouraging Brother as Jason knows exactly how Bracken feels!

As Bracken said "The Church is True...See you in Two"

Saying goodbye to friends and getting ready to go

 I was sad to see I forgot to take pictures of all who came to Bracken's open house. He has lots more friends and loved ones who came by to see him before he left including:
Elise made this sign for Bracken's open house
The Nidays, Doyles, Stroups, Georges, Solomons, Lowes, Montgomerys, Lees (drove down from Jacksonville), Holtoms, Wallaces, Hutchinsons, Mckinneys, the Deyos, Kirk Stokes, Nancy Fleming and Jon Sullivan. Bracken was so excited to see you all and a BIG Thank You for coming!!

Last Twistee Treat (6th trip in a week) with the Cooksons
The Smithsons came from Cincinnati! 

Surprise party from his Band friends!

Bracken's Farewell Sunday at Church
With us and Bishop Damewood, Jace Cookson and Andrew Opificus (Picture taken right after he got set apart as a missionary by President Shill)
He received big hugs from the Correas, the Baird-Dolans, and the Keoppel's and many more. Bracken was honored and noticed all of his Seminary teachers where there to hear him speak in church. Bracken spoke on how preparing for his mission strengthened his relationship with Jesus Christ.
Garrett Lowe, Ian Allison, Elder Reyes also spoke on the Atonement and Brother Boyd and Brother Correa performed a muscial number. There was not a dry eye in the room.

 Learning packing tricks from the master!
I think he has enough ties! Said no missionary EVER!

Traveling to Utah

Goodbye Orlando
Hooray Snow! That lasted for a second! They jumped in the car right after I took the pic!
Grandma Featherstone
Grandma and Grandpa Dahl

Grandma and Grandpa Rowley

Aunt Audie, Joey and Jeran drove down from Colorado

Grandpa and Grandma Snyder

Tall Nicole and Jason

Aunt Tami, Bradlee, Harley and Aspen

Uncle Aaron, Asher, Kaden, Tanner, Aunt Tammy and Abri

The Cousins plus Brother Jason and Sis-in-law Nicole

BJ, Aja, Aunt Stephi and Adi (uncle Bryan was sick)

Bella Dog

tormenting three at once!

First E-mail

Bracken's first e-mail from the MTC:
Last Friday March 25, 2016:

Hi Mom!!
How are things?

Elder Bracken Deryl Snyder
2005 N 900 E Unit  57
Provo UT 84602

That is my MTC mailing address. Today has been awesome, we went to the temple today, and had a blast. My companion, Elder Hoskins, is super awesome and we are having a great time!!
Elder Hoskins and I were asked to be zone leaders starting on sunday, and we have no idea what is going on sometimes!! The classes are super good, but we stayed in one room for like 7 hours yesterday so you could imagine how jet-lagged Elder Snyder was doing during that ordeal! HAHAHA
I hope everything is going well, and if you would like to send my emails out as a blast email, that is fine. I'll let you know if I want something to be kept private P-Day is fridays for us at the MTC, so I can email sometime on fridays.
I love you so much, and remind daddy to email me too :)
Elder Snyder