Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Airport Day!

Today was a very special day! Not only did we get to turn over the countdown block we got to talk to Bracken on the phone! It was his last day at the MTC!! He will be traveling to Oregon today. He had to wake up at 5:30 AM this morning to prepare to go. He said there were 16 Missionaries leaving today. They took a bus, the train, then the tram over to the airport. He said it was quite a site to see all the missionaries with all their luggage. Once at the airport he found a payphone and called us. I let Elise stay home from school so we both got to talk to him. I was a ball of nerves up until he called. Waiting for that call was hard so I was relieved when his call came through. He sounded great! We got a kick out of him talking about how disgusting the food was at the MTC. He must have said that at least three times. He said the best things to eat were the chocolate milk and the ice cream (both are from BYU Creamery) and that is what saved him. He told me to tell Dad that he did not gain a single pound. :) He was pretty happy though as last night they brought in Chickfila. He did love that! He said he misses us and he sounded just as happy to talk with us as we were with him. I really did not want to hang up the phone. I hope the mission president will let me know when he gets there. I will worry until then. Being a missionary mom is hard but I know this is where Bracken is supposed to be and can hear the excitement in his voice. He sounds happy and that makes things a lot easier to handle. He did say that he really believes everyone should go on a mission. Elder Holland said that people question whether or not to go and it really should not be a question. It should just be like breathing; you just do it. He told Elise she would make a great missionary and that made her smile and she told Bracken she wants to go. Elise has had good examples of missionary work in her brothers and also from the missionaries who serve in our area. She and I actually went out on a lesson on Monday night with the Elders. Bracken was happy to hear that. Deryl could not talk as he was traveling to Montreal today, but Deryl asked me to tell Bracken that he loved him. I could tell Bracken loved hearing that and he said he loves and misses his dad too. Bracken did say that receiving e-mails and letters were his favorite and he was definitely excited so many people would do that. He loves you all!
I do not know when his P-day will be so who knows when we'll hear from him next, but this will have to hold us all over. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!

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