Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Friday, April 1, 2016

Gross Easter Dinner!

​Hi Mom and everyone!!
I had an amazing week!! It was hard, but I made it though.
Easter was pretty awesome, but as you can see the dinner was disgusting.... the sandwich was mostly water and the brownie thing was inedible... Elder Ballard came and spoke to us though, so it kinda made up for it.
I guess I should explain some of the pictures, the large group was our zone before the older group left. I would share what it looks like now, but on tuesday it will change again. the smaller group is our district, we are all super close and love each other a lot. Honestly, I lucked out with my district.
I know that TRC's are not for real, but I my companion and I got baptism commitments out of our investigators, so that was pretty awesome. My companion and I also got tears out of a PI, which is just our teacher pretending to be a less-active or an investigator, but they can get super real sometimes.
I went to the temple again, it was super fun and just a wonderful opportunity to really reflect on the love God has for us. It is so cool I can go every week that I am here at the MTC, kinda makes up for the super uncomfortable beds here... hahahaha ;)
I am getting excited to go out to the field, I want to go now, but the learning and the growing I am experiencing is amazing, and I know I have a lot to improve and practice on as I continue here at  the MTC.
Again, mom you can send this email out to anyone who wants to read it, and please let everyone know I love them and miss them!
Easter Dinner
Elder Snyder
Bracken's Zone
Bracken's District
Temple trip (walking just across the street). Love the mountains in the background!
getting photo bombed! 

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! We all miss you here but we're super excited for you!