Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tears of Joy

Hi Everyone,
I just got off the phone with Sister Russell (the mission president's wife) and all is well with Bracken. I was worried about him and wondering if he made it okay and what he was up to so I was so thankful for her call! That is definitely a tender mercy right there.
When Bracken arrived he got to hang out with President and Sister Russell and she said he ate with them and ate some more. :) He then he got to meet all the Assistant's in the mission office. The Elders and Sisters there welcomed him with open arms. Bracken got to go on a lesson last night even and really enjoyed that. Sister Russell said that Bracken is an amazing young man and I should be proud of him. I told her I thought so too, but I am biased.
Bracken got set up with his new companion, Elder Sims and they will be serving right there in Eugene. Bracken's P-day will be Monday so he can read and send e-mails on that day. I thanked Sister Russell for her phone call and also for her service to all the missionaries they have in their care. They are special people and I'm grateful Bracken has wonderful people looking out for him.

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