Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 23, 2016

Your prayers worked...the Brackenator found people to teach!

Hey Mom
That is good you were able to go to Brother Lowe's funeral, I wish I
could have gone but I'm glad you were there and I'm glad it went well.
Bishop Wade Lowe? That is crazy awesome! I know that he'll be just so
awesome for the ward. Bishop Damewood was awesome too, but I'm sure he
is happy to sit with his wife again! Hahaha

My week was alright! I had an interview with President Russell, and it
helped me feel so great for the rest of the week! We found 3 new
investigators, and a whole lot of potential investigators! We didn't
teach the Hawaiian family this week, because they are in the process
of looking for a house... They did find one but Bishop Nilson thinks
it'll be out of the ward boundaries.

I'm getting a new companion! Elder Simms is getting transferred
somewhere further south, and my new companion is Elder Cook! He
doesn't get in till  4:00 or so, so I am anxious to meet him! President
Russell told me in our weekly Email that I'm going to get along with
elder cook, and that he is an obedient missionary.

We had a fun week! A member took us to this place called "Hawaiian
time" it was sooo good! I loved it! An elderly couple had us over for
dinner, but they forgot to put the lasagna in the oven, so they gave
us a 20 to go wherever we wanted. We went to Carl's Junior and got the
4 dollar meal deal... We weren't complaining! Hahahaha

I found some fenders to put on my bike! It is so cool, puddles don't
get my pants wet anymore!! Hahahaha

This week I have developed more of a testimony of forgiveness. I know
that God loves nothing more than to forgive his children. I know that
the atonement is real. Anything that I've done has been taken care of,
if I come to Christ. Now this does put an obligation for me as well,
the Lord forgives whom he forgives, but I am commanded to forgive all
men. I want to and strive to be more forgiving. I have felt so much
more peace as I strive to forgive all men, as well as ask for
forgiveness from all those that I have done.

I hope that you have a great week!!

Elder Snyder

He takes after his dad..they love that chicken!

May 16th Letter: I know I am super slow!

This week has been long.
The mission president had me go on a short exchange on Thursday night
to help teach me how to find better. It was a great experience to
learn from another example how to find people to teach. We finally
have some investigators!! A big family from Hawaii started coming to
church out of the blue! We have started teaching them the discussion
and have invited them to be baptized! They said yes! They are praying
for a date that they want to be baptized by! I'm super excited!
I hope that they continue to have this desire to want to come to
church! They are the sweetest family!
What else.... Oh, I have decided to eat healthy. I am being fed super
well by members, so I have bought a ton of fruit and vegetables and
since that is all I have at the apartment, I eat those instead of junk
food. That, combined with the exercise I get, I hope to lose the
little bit of weight I have gained while being on my mission.
On Saturday, all the missionaries in my zone went to a service
project, to help run "heroes challenge" which was like a 2 mile
obstacle course that was in support for all service men and women in
our country. It sounded fun, but our job was to stand in the rain for
2 hours. I was drenched!!
Transfers ore next week. On Monday, I'll have been out in the field
for 6 weeks!! That is super crazy! The time went by so fast!
I have been developing a testimony of obedience. The more I have
helped my companionship be more obedient, the more success we have
had. I know that the Lord blesses those who are obedient, because it
is the first law of heaven! I also know that blessings are tied to
obedience. In my life, when I am obedient to the laws, statutes, and
commandments of God, I am blessed.
Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers! It means a lot to me :)
Hope everyone has a good week!
Elder Snyder

Monday, May 9, 2016

This Missionary Likes to Eat!

This place must be good. Bracken said he frequents this yummy burrito place. He e-mails about it and he told us yesterday when he Skyped with us. He's making me hungry for good Mexican food. Something that is seriously lacking in Orlando! 

Weekly E-mail: 
I am doing alright!
We are going to go to play some sports at the stake center here, so it'll be super fun.
This week, not much happened, except we had 7 investigators at church!!!! I was so excited!! A part member family came and they brought all their kids and it was so cool! We're going to meet with them on Wednesday and teach them. I'm so excited!!

It was so good to skype home yesterday. It really was uplifting to see you all :)

I don't have any really super funny stories to tell, except we found out that the mission president had accidentally blocked our phone number!! We got a new phone out of it, so that is good.

We had some burritos on May 5th, it was super awesome.

I got a bike rack for my bike, found it at the apartment!! It's super awesome! I'm thinking about getting a bag for it, a place near our house has them for a pretty good price so I'm pretty excited about that.

I hope everything goes well, and thank all who are praying and thinking about me, it means a lot to me :)

Elder Snyder

Mother's Day Visit

It was so fun to visit with Bracken yesterday for Mother's Day. His time with us went way too fast! We all had lots of questions for him and hopefully he didn't feel like we were grilling him too much. 
We sure miss him! Lots of people said to say hello to him and he felt the love. He also doesn't have a lot of time to write everyone on his P-day but he does read all of the letters and e-mails so keep sending them please. He said he loves reading them and they bring a lot of comfort to him.
He also asked us to pray for him. His area is a tough one where not a lot of people are too interested in talking to the missionaries. Please pray he can teach people and do service for them. 
We love you all and thank you all for your love and support! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Life is Meant to be Joyful"

Hello Everyone!
This week was long! On Monday night, my companion popped his inter
tube on his bike, and he has decided to procrastinate his repair, we
have been walking everywhere all week. Despite my encouragement to
repair the bike, no effort has been made.

Some cool stuff has happened this week though. We gave out 10 Book of
Mormons, were able to go and teach some people while we were knocking
doors, but no return appointments yet, people will listen at first but
then change their minds about meeting again. It's kinda frustrating.

Funny story, me and Elder Simms are walking by this park, and a ten
year old come speeding up to us on his little bike, and stops infront
of us, all out of breath and is like "officers, officers!! Wait.....
Are you Police officers?" We say no, then he is like "oh, then I don't
wanna talk to you" and speeds off on his bike.

Another funny story, we were knocking doors in this neighborhood and
we get to this one house, knock on the door, then this older lady
knocks back, opens the door and says "I don't want any!" Then realizes
were not her son or something and gets super embarrassed. Apparently
she was waiting for her son to come over, and she thought we were him!

What else... We also got a new couch, a member dropped it off because
it was still in good shape and didn't want to see it go to waste, so
we took it. It's a real nice electric recliner couch. After a long day
of walking, preaching and doing service, it's nice to relax on the
couch for 30 minutes after all our work is done till bet time.

We hiked this mountain thing called "Spencer's butte" and it was so
awesome!! The view from the top was amazing!

We also took a tour of the Oregon football stadium today. It was super awesome!

This week I learned that God sends us tender mercies and answers our
prayers. They are hardly ever answered the way that we may want them
to be, but in the way we need them to be. In the words of Elder
Holland "you can have what you want, or you can have something
better." I know that God loves all of us, and wants what is best for
us. I know Christ lives and wants us to be happy, because as taught in
second Nephi 2:25 "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they
might have joy."

I love all you guys and thank you for your prayers and support. Life
isn't easy, but it is meant to be joyful, so look for the joy, I know
it is there.

Elder Snyder