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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Life is Meant to be Joyful"

Hello Everyone!
This week was long! On Monday night, my companion popped his inter
tube on his bike, and he has decided to procrastinate his repair, we
have been walking everywhere all week. Despite my encouragement to
repair the bike, no effort has been made.

Some cool stuff has happened this week though. We gave out 10 Book of
Mormons, were able to go and teach some people while we were knocking
doors, but no return appointments yet, people will listen at first but
then change their minds about meeting again. It's kinda frustrating.

Funny story, me and Elder Simms are walking by this park, and a ten
year old come speeding up to us on his little bike, and stops infront
of us, all out of breath and is like "officers, officers!! Wait.....
Are you Police officers?" We say no, then he is like "oh, then I don't
wanna talk to you" and speeds off on his bike.

Another funny story, we were knocking doors in this neighborhood and
we get to this one house, knock on the door, then this older lady
knocks back, opens the door and says "I don't want any!" Then realizes
were not her son or something and gets super embarrassed. Apparently
she was waiting for her son to come over, and she thought we were him!

What else... We also got a new couch, a member dropped it off because
it was still in good shape and didn't want to see it go to waste, so
we took it. It's a real nice electric recliner couch. After a long day
of walking, preaching and doing service, it's nice to relax on the
couch for 30 minutes after all our work is done till bet time.

We hiked this mountain thing called "Spencer's butte" and it was so
awesome!! The view from the top was amazing!

We also took a tour of the Oregon football stadium today. It was super awesome!

This week I learned that God sends us tender mercies and answers our
prayers. They are hardly ever answered the way that we may want them
to be, but in the way we need them to be. In the words of Elder
Holland "you can have what you want, or you can have something
better." I know that God loves all of us, and wants what is best for
us. I know Christ lives and wants us to be happy, because as taught in
second Nephi 2:25 "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they
might have joy."

I love all you guys and thank you for your prayers and support. Life
isn't easy, but it is meant to be joyful, so look for the joy, I know
it is there.

Elder Snyder

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