Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 23, 2016

May 16th Letter: I know I am super slow!

This week has been long.
The mission president had me go on a short exchange on Thursday night
to help teach me how to find better. It was a great experience to
learn from another example how to find people to teach. We finally
have some investigators!! A big family from Hawaii started coming to
church out of the blue! We have started teaching them the discussion
and have invited them to be baptized! They said yes! They are praying
for a date that they want to be baptized by! I'm super excited!
I hope that they continue to have this desire to want to come to
church! They are the sweetest family!
What else.... Oh, I have decided to eat healthy. I am being fed super
well by members, so I have bought a ton of fruit and vegetables and
since that is all I have at the apartment, I eat those instead of junk
food. That, combined with the exercise I get, I hope to lose the
little bit of weight I have gained while being on my mission.
On Saturday, all the missionaries in my zone went to a service
project, to help run "heroes challenge" which was like a 2 mile
obstacle course that was in support for all service men and women in
our country. It sounded fun, but our job was to stand in the rain for
2 hours. I was drenched!!
Transfers ore next week. On Monday, I'll have been out in the field
for 6 weeks!! That is super crazy! The time went by so fast!
I have been developing a testimony of obedience. The more I have
helped my companionship be more obedient, the more success we have
had. I know that the Lord blesses those who are obedient, because it
is the first law of heaven! I also know that blessings are tied to
obedience. In my life, when I am obedient to the laws, statutes, and
commandments of God, I am blessed.
Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers! It means a lot to me :)
Hope everyone has a good week!
Elder Snyder

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