Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 23, 2016

Your prayers worked...the Brackenator found people to teach!

Hey Mom
That is good you were able to go to Brother Lowe's funeral, I wish I
could have gone but I'm glad you were there and I'm glad it went well.
Bishop Wade Lowe? That is crazy awesome! I know that he'll be just so
awesome for the ward. Bishop Damewood was awesome too, but I'm sure he
is happy to sit with his wife again! Hahaha

My week was alright! I had an interview with President Russell, and it
helped me feel so great for the rest of the week! We found 3 new
investigators, and a whole lot of potential investigators! We didn't
teach the Hawaiian family this week, because they are in the process
of looking for a house... They did find one but Bishop Nilson thinks
it'll be out of the ward boundaries.

I'm getting a new companion! Elder Simms is getting transferred
somewhere further south, and my new companion is Elder Cook! He
doesn't get in till  4:00 or so, so I am anxious to meet him! President
Russell told me in our weekly Email that I'm going to get along with
elder cook, and that he is an obedient missionary.

We had a fun week! A member took us to this place called "Hawaiian
time" it was sooo good! I loved it! An elderly couple had us over for
dinner, but they forgot to put the lasagna in the oven, so they gave
us a 20 to go wherever we wanted. We went to Carl's Junior and got the
4 dollar meal deal... We weren't complaining! Hahahaha

I found some fenders to put on my bike! It is so cool, puddles don't
get my pants wet anymore!! Hahahaha

This week I have developed more of a testimony of forgiveness. I know
that God loves nothing more than to forgive his children. I know that
the atonement is real. Anything that I've done has been taken care of,
if I come to Christ. Now this does put an obligation for me as well,
the Lord forgives whom he forgives, but I am commanded to forgive all
men. I want to and strive to be more forgiving. I have felt so much
more peace as I strive to forgive all men, as well as ask for
forgiveness from all those that I have done.

I hope that you have a great week!!

Elder Snyder

He takes after his dad..they love that chicken!

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