Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Adventures in Florence, Oregon

Hey Mom!
OMGSH IM SO EXCITED FOR ANDREW!!! (We told Bracken we went to see his friend Andrew open his mission call Sunday night). That makes me so extremely happy!!

This week has flown by! We don't have many investors in this area, but there is a ton of potential investigators and a whole lot of formers we can go contact. It is kinda hard being with a missionary that is going home though, he talks about it every day and it is kinda annoying. Hopefully next transfer I'm not with someone so checked out as my companion is now. Other than the fact Elder Scott is going home, I love him. He is a great missionary and I'm glad I get to serve with him.

So this week we did some service with Habitat for Humanity digging trenches for an electrical conduit, and my sport shoe got ripped by a root. They got soaked the next day doing service pressure washing. Luckily we're going down to Coos Bay for interviews on Friday so we're going to stop there so I can hopefully pick up some new shoes. Being a missionary is tons of fun sometimes! Ahhahaha :P

This week I've been thinking about a scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants, section 6. It says

"36 Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." 

I've learned that the happiest moments are when I'm looking to Christ in every thought. My doubts and fears seem to float away and I can deal with the issues at hand.

Thank you for figuring out the GPS thing, and I'll be sure to tell Jason thanks! I love you mom!
Oh, if there is any chance we still have the nerf revolver pistol and darts.... That could be very fun. I'm not sure if we gave those away or not. If not, I'm sure I'll come across some dart guns eventually! (I told him the guns went to a good home and that maybe Santa would bring him some new ones).

Thanks for everything you do mom, I'm glad you had fun at Disney! (I told him I got to sneak off to Disney for a day with Kristin).

Love, Elder Snyder
Love that smile! 

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