Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This week's e-mail...just two days delayed! Better than two weeks old!

Hi mom!!
It is good to see that the youth is helping out in the community! (our church youth group I'm involved with had a service project at West Orange High School and was bragging on Elise being there too). That is super awesome!! I'm so proud of Elise... she is turning out to be such an awesome young adult! And that is awesome! She'll be able to keep those A's all throughout school!! :P
The weather has been sucky here. It rains and is cold, and it rains. But that is only supposed to be that way for the rest of forever so I'll get over it.
We were asked to stay inside on Saturday as much as possible for the rain and wind (the Oregon coast north of Bracken got hit with hurricane force winds), which would've stunk but I got sick this week so it was a much needed day of rest. I feel better now and I picked up some of those Vitamin C supplement that always helped back home, the emergen-c stuff. I hope it helps.
Anyway, the rest of this week was pretty good. We taught a few lessons and helped out in the community as much as we could. I didn't take as much pictures as I would have hoped but I did take a video, so I hope you enjoy!
Nothing else really happened. It was a pretty slow week, but this week we have a lot planned. Hopefully finding some new investigators, we're going on exchanges and having a good, productive time.
This week at church, I had an interesting experience in priesthood meeting. We were having a conversation about when to show mercy or execute justice over really random and honestly, irrelevant issues. As I was listening to the conversation, I had a thought come to my mind. How many times have we transgressed Gods laws? How many times has he shown us mercy? Because of Jesus Christ, we can be forgiven of all our sins. Therefore, who are we to stop that for someone else? Christ says to forgive others as He forgives you. I'm taking that to heart and am working hard to forgive all, and to leave the rest to Heavenly Father.
Love you mom!
Elder Snyder

Bracken misses the sunshine 

Pics from Members

A sweet lady in Bracken's ward sent this pic to me last Wednesday the 12th. 
The look of hardworking guys! :)

From October 11

How are you doing? Sorry I couldn't write yesterday, but I can write today! (They got to take a trip to the temple on Monday so he couldn't write until Tuesday).
Here is my week!

Elder Davis went to MLC (mission leadership council) and I spent the day with an Elder named Elder Kellerstrass. It was so fun! He has only been out for two transfers, and it was super fun to get to know him through the day. After Elder Davis got back, we did an exchange with the ZLs, and I ended up staying in Florence with Elder Huntsman. We had time to go tracting for a bit, then had to go in for the night.
We woke up and Elder Huntsman and I did some service at Habitat, then went to a pizza place for lunch called Carpe Diam. It is owned by members and so they feed us lunch there every Wednesday. It is AMAZING!! Best calzones ever. We then went Tracting and contacting. It was fun! We then went back to the apartment for dinner then went to a lesson with our recent convert, Deagon, it was awesome. Afterward we drove down to Reedsport to meet with Elder Davis and Elder Hatch who were driving up from Coosbay, and after we got to McDonald's, we got a call from them that they haven't left Coosbay yet. This is 8:30pm now, so we call up the Reedsport elders and go and meet them at their apartment. As it turns out, Elder Hatch and Elder Huntsman didn't come up to Reedsport until 9:30 ish, so we had to call the Vehicle Coordinator and let him know we would be late getting home. We didn't make it back to Florence until after 10:00pm. It was a late night.....
I don't remember much of what happened. We helped out Habitat for Humanity in the morning, had lunch, and contacted some people. We did have dinner with some new members. They fed us super well. We tried to see some people after that, but nothing worked out.
Zone Training Meeting
It was fun. I actually had to teach part of it for about 5 minutes about our safeguards for technology. It was great! We talked about planning and How to Bein Teaching. We also learned a lot of super cool ways for finding. We went to lunch at Sizzlers. It was pretty good, but I wasn't feeling too hungry so I just got water and had a good conversation with everyone else.
After ZTM, we tried to get to see people, but no luck again.
Saturday was good. We talked to a few people, but set up no solid lessons or found new investigators
Sunday was great! Church was really good! Bobby, our WML, fed us for dinner. We had rice and chicken that was really well done.
We tried to see a person, but with no luck. Hopefully we'll see them this week.
Had a busy day. A less active fed us for lunch, and we tried contacting a few people. We had a great dinner at the Hunts, it was similar to a Brazilian Barbecue. It was so good!!
 I'll send pictures later! Love you!

Yes, I agree the house is creepy!

From October 3rd

Hi mom!
This week has been great!! I love Elder Davis! he is the best!! we haven't made any real progress with the area this week, but we're hoping that we will be able to make some progress this week.
nothing super crazy has happened either. Conference was super fun! on Saturday, we went to the Winona's house. It was so funny, Sister Lyn Winona had a ton of snacks for us, and, being missionaries, ate a lot of the snacks. She had to get a picture of the pile of wrappers before we threw them away. She also took a picture of us taking notes and put them on Facebook. She tried to tag you in the picture, but it wouldn't work.
On Sunday, we went over to Bobby's house. (our ward mission leader) we had a good time watching conference with him and his family. 
This week, we got to go mushrooming with our WML as well. I don't have any pictures, but it was so fun! we went looking for what are called Lobster Mushrooms. It was good because he put that in the spaghetti sauce for the dinner we had on Sunday. I can now officially say that I've been mushrooming!! hahahaha 
So some nights, my companion talks in his sleep. It is never all night, it is just one phrase. Well, one night, he yells "What!?!? She doesn't want to meet with missionaries??" it was so funny!!! I was laughing so hard!! hahaha
I really did enjoy conference. I took a lot from the talks about missionary work and how members and missionaries need to work together. I also enjoyed the talks that were focused on the atonement. I know that Christ died so that He, a perfect, sinless brother, could know how each one of us feel. I know that He lives, and that He wants us to be happy. All we need to do is heed his words, and that is to "Follow thou Me"
I love you! thanks for all that you do for me! I'll be sending pictures in a separate Email here in a little bit. We went on the beach and I took some pictures on my camera, so I'll need to convert those over.
In my thoughts and prayers!
Elder Snyder

The seafood looks amazing (I gave him a pic of our seafood boil we ate for our anniversary)!!

Enjoying a smoothie with protein powder :)