Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

From October 3rd

Hi mom!
This week has been great!! I love Elder Davis! he is the best!! we haven't made any real progress with the area this week, but we're hoping that we will be able to make some progress this week.
nothing super crazy has happened either. Conference was super fun! on Saturday, we went to the Winona's house. It was so funny, Sister Lyn Winona had a ton of snacks for us, and, being missionaries, ate a lot of the snacks. She had to get a picture of the pile of wrappers before we threw them away. She also took a picture of us taking notes and put them on Facebook. She tried to tag you in the picture, but it wouldn't work.
On Sunday, we went over to Bobby's house. (our ward mission leader) we had a good time watching conference with him and his family. 
This week, we got to go mushrooming with our WML as well. I don't have any pictures, but it was so fun! we went looking for what are called Lobster Mushrooms. It was good because he put that in the spaghetti sauce for the dinner we had on Sunday. I can now officially say that I've been mushrooming!! hahahaha 
So some nights, my companion talks in his sleep. It is never all night, it is just one phrase. Well, one night, he yells "What!?!? She doesn't want to meet with missionaries??" it was so funny!!! I was laughing so hard!! hahaha
I really did enjoy conference. I took a lot from the talks about missionary work and how members and missionaries need to work together. I also enjoyed the talks that were focused on the atonement. I know that Christ died so that He, a perfect, sinless brother, could know how each one of us feel. I know that He lives, and that He wants us to be happy. All we need to do is heed his words, and that is to "Follow thou Me"
I love you! thanks for all that you do for me! I'll be sending pictures in a separate Email here in a little bit. We went on the beach and I took some pictures on my camera, so I'll need to convert those over.
In my thoughts and prayers!
Elder Snyder

The seafood looks amazing (I gave him a pic of our seafood boil we ate for our anniversary)!!

Enjoying a smoothie with protein powder :)

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