Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 5, 2016

Hi Mom!
How are you doing? How's the warm weather?

This week was pretty good. We got to see a lot of people and do a lot of super fun things. We didn't find too many new investigators this week but that's OK.

Elder Johnson and I are doing pretty well, but transfers are next Monday and we're hoping that none of us leave here. Hopefully things just stay the same so that we can stay a companionship through Christmas. We will find out Friday or Saturday what is going to happen.

I do have a couple funny stories to share this week. First of all, I had a little wreck on my bike. What made it even worse is that Elder Johnson got it on video. We live on a super steep driveway, and we like to go pretty fast down the driveway to our apartment. Well, the ground was super slippery and my bike tires are getting pretty bald from all the biking that I've been doing. Anyway, coming down the driveway, I tried to stop, but my tires locked up and I slid down the driveway. Luckily, nothing bad happened. My bike is fine, and not a single scratch on me or my coat.

The other fun thing we did this week was at a Mexican restaurant. At this restaurant, they have a food eating challenge. The challenge is to eat a 6 pound burrito. Eight elders and one sister tried the challenge. None of us could finish the 6 pound burrito. I got about 3 pounds in, and I had to stop. One elder ate 5 lbs of burrito. He then hit the wall and could not press on. I decided that I will never ever ever ever never ever forever and ever forever and ever never ever do the burrito challenge again. I started a tally on how many burritos I can make from the 6 pound burrito that was left over. This next week I will probably have the tally completed.

Another fun thing we did this week was help set up for the nativity festival. It was a fun time, it was super fun we help set up lights, tables, moved a 50 foot ladder, help set up poinsettias, help move nativity things, it was fun. The nativity festival was on Friday night. It was a lot of fun there was a Ton of non-members there. It was super fun to talk to everybody, except there was someone that came who was trying to hand out anti-Mormon materials. The missionaries took care of talking with him and inviting him to leave the church building. Several of us walked around the church building collecting the anti-Mormon materials that were left behind. It was kind of sad to see to someone come into this community event about the birth of Jesus and tried to cause contention in our rejoicing in Jesus Christ. I don't understand why people want to cause contention because we read in the Scriptures of contention is of the devil but oh well.

Other than that, Elder Johnson and I found some pretty cool places to take some pictures. So I have a lot of pictures to send home this week. Mom you are welcome.

I had a super cool experience at church on Sunday. We had an investigator in sacrament meeting which was really cool. As the testimony meeting went on, I had a prompting to go and share James chapter 1 verse five, and bear my testimony about the power of prayer. What was really cool about all this was that the investigator was reading in the book of James this last week, and was thinking to himself that if during church on Sunday if anyone mentioned the book of James he was on the right track. It was such a neat experience for me to see the outcome of a spiritual prompting. This also lets me know how much Heavenly Father really loves his children, even those outside of the church. He listens to our prayers, and He answers them often times through other people's actions. I'm so thankful for this opportunity I have to be on a mission to serve my Heavenly Father.

Love you all, thanks for everything!
Love, Elder Snyder

Some things you should just never tell your mom...

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