Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pictures from People

Every once in awhile we get a picture text to us or emailed to us. We got two last week. I'm so grateful for people in taking care of Bracken and knowing we would want to see him.
This picture was taken by the former ward mission leader in Florence, Oregon where Bracken was last serving. He said he and his wife have a special place in their hearts for missionaries. 

A couple from Utah traveling back home from a week in the Redwoods stopped in to use the bathroom at this McDonald's and walked in the same time as Bracken and his companions. The couple then bought them all dinner and left them with a treat. Then they took this picture and text it to all three families. It was so fun to connect to these awesome people and glad so many people care and look after my son. The couple's son is also serving a mission. :)
The young man on the left is the kid Bracken was talking about doing that "mini mission" with in his last letter.

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