Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Friday, January 27, 2017

10 Months Down!

Hi Mom!
This week has been awesome!
We did a ton of stuff this week. We taught a total of 10 lessons, and found a new investigator. We have been having all right weather, one day will be sunny and in the next day will be rainy. Welcome to Oregon.
I gave up cookies this week to help an investigator quit smoking. I don't understand what it's like to give up smoking but I can understand what I'd like to give up cookies. So I won't be eating cookies anymore until she gives up smoking.
We had a zone conference this week, and that was super good. We drove down to Medford and we had a good time. We learned a lot about repentance, the Atonement, and how the sacrament room and our chapels represent Christ's tomb. It was real good.
The members have been taking real good care of us. It is super nice!
Let's see, other than that this is the last week of the transfer! It is super crazy how fast this one went by!
I hope that all of you are happy! It looks like you had fun at monster jam! I wish I could have gone!!
Oh, BTW, a missionary in our zone finished the 6lbs burrito challenge this week. He trained for like 3 weeks and inhaled that thing in 38 min. It was crazy!
I hope you all have a great week!! Love you all! You're in my prayers!
Elder Snyder

 I can't believe it's been 10 months
today! It's crazy!
This pic came with the email and he said "this is the only pic I have for the week." I was like ??? because all I could see was the horse on my phone! It wasn't until I got on my computer later that I saw he was in the picture. Hahaha! Silly kid!

Then he sent these after the horse pic. :)

Missionaries love basketball

Missionaries love to have fun

crazy kids! 

These next two pics I stole from President Russell's blog. They are from the zone conference they had on Friday. Bracken is in the Grants Pass Zone. I'm glad his mission president posts pictures too! 

Bracken then sent these. I think they are from the zone conference too. Hopefully after! Haha

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