Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year!!

Hi Mom!
Happy New Year!
This week has been awesome!
Tuesday was great! We spent some time contacting and Tracting, but nothing came of it. On Wednesday we did service, then we went to see some people. We had a few lessons that went super well.
On Thursday we had interviews and they went well. It is always a good time being able to talk openly with our mission president.
On Friday we had district meeting, and then drove to see some people. We had a couple good lessons as well.
Saturday we got to come in early. We made a big meal at our apartment then chilled for the rest of the day.
Sunday was great! Guess what?? It snowed!! It's snowing today as well.
Today we went sledding, then had some fun here at the church.
Anyway, my week was pretty legit. Elder Chiu is doing wonderful and I'm enjoying being here.
This week I had a revelatory experience. I heard this story about an eagle being raised by chickens. The eagle acted like a chicken, with completely no traits of the eagle that he is. No matter what people tried to do, the eagle kept acting like a chicken. One day, a man took the eagle far away from the chickens that the eagle grew up with, then the eagle was able to become. 
My thoughts were, we are all eagles living with chickens. We have a ton of potential, but sometimes we have "chickens" that we always turn to. Please, family and friends, identity what those chickens are, get away from them, and soar like the eagles you are.
Love you all! You are the best!
Elder Snyder

The Sun Came Out!! 

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