Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

No sunshine

Hi Momma,
Well, we don't have rain.... but the sun is definitely not shining over us this morning. Nothing but thick fog and mist.... blah! I looked at the weather forecast before I wrote Bracken and saw he was supposed to get sunshine. Too bad I brought it up! No sun for him :( 
I am so glad that Nathan got his mission call!! He is going to be such an amazing missionary!! When does he leave? And that is 3 missions above me. We have the Us, Salem Mission, Portland Mission, then Vancouver Washington Mission.
That's awesome. I love the Haacks! Joshua is going to be such an amazing missionary! I have a picture with him that I'll attach later.I told Bracken Sister Haack got in touch with me and she sent me that picture I posted yesterday. I love them already too! What a great family. Wishing their son the best as he leaves today. 
This week has been great! We taught 10 lessons and that was super awesome! We found a new investigator this week as well!! I'm super excited about that!
Let's see, oh this week, I got called to be a district leader. I'm not sure what happened but the companionship with the DL in it got emergency transferred out so I'm the new DL for the next two weeks, and probably the next transfer as well. We shall see.
Nothing else has really happened this week. It stopped snowing, which is good, but it is now back to rain (for the most part)
I got nothing else... this weeks been pretty slow otherwise. I have been thinking about the Atonement this week. I know that the Atonement is not just an ambiguous thing, but it should be a personal thing. We can turn toward Christ and he will help us become the person he wants and needs us to be.
Love you all!
Elder Snyder
Bracken with his companion Elder Chiu in the back and Elder Haack leaving for his mission to serve in Ecuador today, January 17th. 

Bracken's friend and our ward member Nathan Holman getting his mission call! So fun we got to be there to watch him open it. Lots of love and prayers go with these kids. 

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