Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Friday, March 3, 2017

55 weeks remaining

Hi momma!
I will definitely keep Nicole in my prayers! I'll probably fast for her next Sunday as well.
I'm so glad that everything else is going well! I did get the package, thank you so much for that!!
I'm doing alright, I did sprain my ankle while I was out on a run earlier this week, I'll talk a little more later. I'm doing okay now  though :)
So without further delay, here is my week.
Rode our bikes in the rain and got soaked, and somehow in the bike
ride I noticed my ankle started to swell really bad. So we got home
and I put ice on it. It turned out that I misstepped while running
earlier that day and I actually sprained it. Guess that's what I get
for being healthy ;)

Was on orders from the mission president to keep off my foot the first
few days, so I studied a lot and watched the rain.

We did a lot of finding! We actually found a guy at a bus stop and had
a really powerful discussion with him! It was awesome! After that we
went Tracting but nothing really came out of it, then we had a few
lessons and then the day was over.

We weekly planned in the morning, then we biked down to the Salvation
Army to see if we could do service, so we're going to be doing service
there next Wednesday if it is not pouring rain. After we ate at this
hole in the wall BBQ place literally in the same parking lot as the
dump, and it actually was super good! I had brisket sandwich that
could rival anything that I've had before. It was crazy good!

I taught District meeting and that went super well! I do have one
companionship what doesn't really do anything. Their numbers show it
too... they shouldn't get strait zeros, but they have for the past two
or three weeks, and it's kinda frustrating. But I can only continue to
encourage them to do better! After that we went Tracting out in the
boonies. That was super fun! We didn't meet anyone new, but that's
okay, we met some pretty cool and some pretty sketchy people 😂

We literally tracted a mountain. We drove up this dirt road to visit a
potential and we got there and figured we might as well tract the rest
of the houses. With driving in the Cruz, I'm actually really surprised
the car didn't get stuck or give up on some of the hills 😂

We had 2 people at church!! It was super awesome! We then went and
tried to visit with a ton of people but literally most were not home.
We did find out that one of our investigators that we gave to the
other elders in the Redwood Ward ended up with frontal lobe dementia,
and is only expected to live 5 more years. It's kinda sad because this
all happened in a matter of two months.

Well, that's my week! I hope that everything goes super great this week! I love you mom!

Elder Snyder
made some killer fried rice

 Here is that BBQ place

The Sun!

P.S. Yes I got my bike tires okay and I put them on and they work great.
That sounds awesome! Those are some lucky missionaries. I told Bracken we were having our missionaries over for dinner and feeding them mexican food.Think I would
like this scripture on my missionary plaque. 

It is D&C 58:63-65
63 And let them also return, preaching the gospel by the way, bearing
record of the things which are revealed unto them.
64 For, verily, the sound must go forth from this place into all the
world, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth--the gospel must be
preached unto every creature, with signs following them that believe.
65 And behold the Son of Man cometh. Amen.

Oh, and tell Sister Holman I said thank you! And tell Nathan I am
super excited for him and I'll be cheering him on from Oregon! :) A young man in our congregation left to serve in the Washington Vancouver Mission on March 1st. His sweet mom had a plaque made for Bracken as well as her son. It will have the scripture above he picked on it as well as an outline for the state he is serving in. It will be on display at our church building. I'll take a picture of it when we get it. 

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