Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Busy Week!

Hi Mom!
How are you doing today? The Strongs are visiting!! No fair! I love them!!
This week has been crazy!! It went by so fast, I don't remember what we did and when, so I'm just going to have to generalize everything except for Friday and Sunday.

This week was a miracle week. Elder Adams and I worked really really hard. We hit the pavement and tracted all week and this is what we have to show for it. We broke the mission record for most Books of Mormon placed in a single week. The previous record was 22, and we placed 23. In OAKRIDGE!!! We also taught 32 lessons, and found 14 new investigators!! It was crazy awesome! It goes to show that obedience brings forth blessings!

On Friday we had district meeting, so we went into town for that. We then had to get the oil changed and get the tires rotated. The oil went fine, they tried to get us to purchase a ton of stuff but since we're in a "company car" we pretty much told them just to do the oil change and stop asking (but in a lot more polite way). After that, we dropped off the car, and as it turns out, the alignment is off on the car, and we need all four tires replaced (because we're in a four wheel drive) and so we didn't get the tires rotated, but set an appointment up to get the alignment taken care of, and new tires put on the car.

Sunday was a great day. We found a wonderful family that has a ton of potential. We also had one investigator come to church, and we had a dinner! The Allens fed us! (The branch president and his wife, with two of their grandkids and one of their sons) it was great food and company! All in all a great day. That's about it for my week! 

I want to finish by saying I know Jesus lives. He loves us, and he cares about us. He came into this world to help us. He suffer, bled, died, and rose to help set the way for us. I love him, and want to do my best to follow him.

I love you! I pray for you!
Elder Snyder

These are the only pictures I have this week because of how busy I've been!!

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