Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pictures from his Zone Conference

Bracken's Mission President keeps a blog and when the missionaries get together he takes pictures and tells us what they are doing. Thank you for the pictures President Russell!! 

Here is a happy bunch! Elder Snyder, Elder Adams, Elder McCleary, Elder Hansen, and in the back, Elder Christensen, not quite sure the  message that Elder Blair is giving us, maybe this is his second can of soda? Elder Fowers who is eternally happy, Elder Hill, and Elder Poston.

Bracken and the other missionaries serving in his Zone. They are called the Springfield Zone. They are "Lifters, Not Leaners!" Just one of the many experiences Bracken gets to do during his conferences. I know his leaders truly love him and want him to succeed and be the best missionary he can be! What a great opportunity to get a peek into his conference. :) 
Bracken's mission president and his wife are the 3rd pair in. You can see just by their picture they truly love the missionaries they are serving. It brings tears to my eyes how much love they have for my son and I am so grateful for them!

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