Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sorry for the late posts!

We were overwhelmed these last two weeks but glad I had the chance to update today. I'll try to do it early this next week! 
It is fun to see these countdown numbers going down! We sure miss that Bracken boy! 
I'm so thankful for his Mission President to personally call him to tell him of his Grandpa's passing and what a sweet gesture to get all the missionaries from that mission on a conference call and to pray for Bracken and our family as well as the other Elder and his family who also lost a loved one. I'm also grateful to Bracken to share his testimony of the gospel. I know too that because of the Atonement and Sacrifice of Jesus Christ we will all be resurrected and live again. What a blessing it is to have this knowledge. It brings me great comfort in my trails, especially the trials of losing loved ones. 
Happy Easter Everyone!! I'm so glad Bracken has the chance to share the gospel and do service for the people of Oregon. His experiences thus far has truly helped him and I know his mission will always be a special part of his life. :) As his mom, I appreciate all your support and prayers! Remember if you want to contact him or send him a letter or package his info can be located on the sidebar of the blog. Also if you are interested in watching the Easter message Bracken has been sharing, here is the link:

  Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support!

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