Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, April 20, 2017

What?!?! He's Crashed Many Times?!?!

I sure miss this missionary of mine! It was great to hear from him on Monday and I'm glad he's doing well and having fun! He cracked me up saying we were less active in church. We missed church because Elise broke her arm on Saturday night and we spent the whole night in the ER with her so we slept in on Sunday. I was happy to see the missionaries as they remind me of Bracken and glad they could come over for a minute and lift our spirits. They also challenged us to give out a Book of Mormon so look out nonmember friends- You just might get one! Bwahaha :)  

Hi Momma!
How are you today? 
I'm doing well! The missionaries think you're less active?? That must mean you haven't been to church in forever!! You might have to start coming back! Hahaha! 

OH no! Elise broke her arm?? That stinks!! I feel so bad! Hopefully the recovery time is quick! Maybe she better stick to riding bikes or something;) I've crashed many times, and I haven't broken any bones!! :) I'll pray for her to get healed quickly! I really don't like hearing about him crashing many times! Ugh!! Flashback to the bike crash video on ice!! I pray that boy will continue to be watched over and hope for no broken bones!! 

My week has been crazy! We had service on Wednesday at one of our investigators houses. It was great! On Thursday we did weekly planning, then on Friday we didn't have district meeting so we decided to do a 12 hour finding day / fast. So we got permission to leave the apartment at 9:00 and didn't come home until 9:30. It was crazy!! We found 3 new, and put one investigator on date for baptism!

Saturday, we found out about transfers..... And I'm..... STAYING IN OAKRIDGE WITH ELDER ADAMS!!!!! YAY!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!! We asked president if we could stay and he asked God, and apparently the answer was yes! Im so happy!! We have plans to break all the records for finding, teaching, and Book of Mormons placed. It's going to be great!! I know this transfer will be a great one!

EASTER! What a wonderful day! It was such a great time to reflect on the love that Jesus has for us, and that he really did live again. I know it. The tomb is empty. Jesus is really alive! How great is that! We did have some dinner at a members house! It was so good!

Love ya mom! We got the package! Thank you so much!! It really has helped me out with the shopping! 

Much love!
Elder Snyder
Grilling some yummy Brats!! We taught him well!! 

This video enlightened our minds to show us how far away in the middle of nowhere he truly is! That kid cracks me up with his inner redneck coming out all too easily! ;)

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