Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"A lot of problems would be solved if we could just love each other" ~Elder Snyder

Hi Mom!
How is it going? Well I hope!

This week has been CRAZY!!!! We've done so much!! On Tuesday and
Wednesday our time was pretty much taken up at Chuck and Dan's house.
We gave Chuck a blessing of healing, and he looks to be doing a lot
better. It was so awesome to feel the spirit and the faith that went
into that blessing. I was really happy and humbled to know that
Heavenly Father has trusted me with the sacred responsibility of the
priesthood. We then went over the baptismal questions with Chuck, then
with Dan later that day.

On Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was spectacular. President
taught us a lot of great things pertaining to the gospel, and how it
can apply to us and our investigators. Sadly, this is presidents last
Zone Conference. We won't be having another one with him. It was a
real powerful conference though.

On Friday, we had the baptism interviews. They went so well. The Zone
leaders came up and interviewed them. They passed and are on track to
baptism. It was so exciting!! We'll be going over to their houses to
make sure all the principles have been taught and that they are still
good to go.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty typical. We did some contacting of
investigators, then we had more lessons with Chuck and Dan. Church on
Sunday was pretty great!! We had cookies for all the fathers, and
since the Elders are fathers to be, we got some too. It was pretty
cool. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. The world
wouldn't be the same without the awesome fathers that are here.

Monday was great! It was interviews with president. It was our last
one... I was really sad, but also really uplifting. We talked about
temple marriage and that President wants to see me get married in the
temple. We also talked about becoming a better missionary. It was
awesome. I am so happy that I've had the chance to serve with
President Russell. I've changed so much from his counsel and his
example. I will truly be glad forever to have known President Russell.

As about it. I love you! Thanks for everything! Looks as if the
wedding went well! I'm happy for them!! Also good luck to Sister
Camacho. She'll be great!!

I've been thinking about charity again this week. A lot of problems
would be solved if we could just love each other. If we had the same
Christ like love for everyone around us, the world wouldn't have the
issues that we face now. The spirit would be more fully with us. My
challenge to everyone is to show your love of God by the way you treat
others. Whether it is someone taking too long at a stop light, or makes
one of the thousands of mistakes that people make, we can show our
love by not getting angry.

Love you so much!!
Elder Snyder

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