Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, June 1, 2017

May 29th: Bike Trouble

Hi Mommy!
Wowzerzs!! You've had a busy week!! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTEST SISTER EVER!!!! She is getting WAY too old!!! Not cool!! 
Hahahaha :) AND she is a crazy good missionary! Love it!!

Monday the 5th is transfers. We get another 7 days to cause trouble here in Oakridge;)

Thanks for the package!! I'll get it this week:) it'll be here Thursday or Friday :) 

That baby Olivia is the cutest!! I can't wait to hold her!!

This week was crazy!! We had a good lesson with a lady named Mary. She used to be a member so she doesn't count for our numbers, but she reached out to us and wanted to know the process of coming back so we helped her learn how to come back.

We also had Zone Conference!! It was great!! We discussed some super cool things about how to teach the law of tithing and word of wisdom to our investigators. It was wonderful! We also talked about spiritual gifts, and how to obtain them and also helping other people develop theirs.

And yes, we got the cleanest car at Zone Conference. We scored 29.5 out of 30. It is especially great considering we live in Oakridge and had to drive the furthest to come into Zone Conference, and we had the oldest car there. We have a rivalry with the Zone leaders because they have a brand new 2017 Toyota Carola and we have a 2014 Subaru Legacy that has had some rough transfers. It's definitely had a hard 40,000 miles... but it was great. We washed it, waxed it, and did a detailed cleaning of the interior. And the ZLs.... they got in last with their brand new car. Super funny! Hahaha

Let's see... well, I had to use my personal card this week. I was having chain issues on my bike and decided to get that fixed. Ended up having to get a new chain and getting the gearing all set up and stuff. It cost 18 dollars or so. There were a few other things wrong with my bike, but at the moment all was well. They Saturday happened. There is a dirt trail Elder Adams and I ride for morning exercise, and right when I got on the trail, by left crank fell off. The crank is stripped and even though I found a new bolt it is completely useless. I need to ask for some advice... should I pay and get new cranks (which is pretty expensive as is) or should I go look for a new bike? I was thinking I could find a new bike for $300-400 dollars, or should I continue to make repairs to my bike? I'm thinking if I buy a new bike, I'll ship it home and use it In Utah, or if I just make repairs on this bike and throw it away by the end of the mission because of the amount of things wrong with it. What do you think?

Well, Elder Adams and I have had some fun. We went up a dirt road and it took us atop a mountain!! It was great!! We took a picture and I'll attach it :) 

I have been thinking about the popular scripture john 14:15 which states "if ye love me, keep my commandments." I know I know, this is the go to for the last minute seminary devotional but the truths in it are amazing. If we really love the Savior, we'll follow him and his commandments. The contemplation of whether or not follow his commandments. We won't ever think "how good am I supposed to be" but how can I show my love to Christ.

I hope this week goes by fast!! I love you! Tell grandma I said hi!! 

Love you so much!! Please let me know what you think I should do about my bike!

Love, Elder Snyder

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