Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, July 31, 2017

Dragons in Cali?

Hey Momma!

I'll be looking for the shoes! They'll probably come this week or next.

My week was good! We had a lot to do, so that was great! We had interviews with President Orton on Tuesday. That was awesome!! The Sivulas drove us up so we didn't have to use our miles. The interview was awesome!! President Orton is definitely called of God to be here. He has really helped me out in many ways. I told him about our family motto, we can do hard things, and he really liked that. 

After the interviews, elder and sister sivula took us to Taco Bell then to a chocolate factory in Ashland. It was awesome!! They had samples of all their chocolate and it was very tasty indeed!! The Sivulas are just simply wonderful! I'm so thankful for what they do for us missionaries.

We put a lady on date for baptism! Her name is Christina, and she is so sweet! She really wants to be baptized! We're excited for her to start coming to church and learning more about the gospel.

I'm loving being out here! We have just the most amazing members and I really like serving out here in the middle of the desert. It's hot but not humid, so walking in the shade is actually cool! And we have an ac unit that works very well, so our apartment is super cool.

I also really enjoy the car we get to drive. It is so nice!! I love the RAV4! It handles nice on back roads and on the freeway it is roomy, but not too big, and just a good little crossover :) 10/10 best car I've driven in the mission. We are definitely blessed to have it.

This next week should be tons of fun! We'll be going on exchanges with Medford 6th on Thursday to Friday. They're our distinct leader area so we get to spend some time up there. It'll be fun, but Medford is a bigger city up in Oregon so I'll be kinda sad to be away from the boonies.

I do want to share my beliefs on the Plan of Salvation. These past couple months have been kinda hard on me, and I've had time to seriously think about where my testimony of the Plan of Salvation is. What I've come to believe is true is that before we came to this Earth, we lived as children of God. He loves us and knows each of us as individuals. (See Jeremiah 1:5 and also Acts 17:29) 

I also came to know and believe that as we all die, in Christ we will all be made alive again. (See 1 Cor. 15:22.) 

I know that God lives. He speaks to man, the gospel is restored.

Love you!

Elder Snyder
A random dragon just off the freeway

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