Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lake Powell Reception Came Through

Hey Mom! Good to hear from ya.

Glad you're doing well! That sounds fun! I wish I could be with you all. 

We were in Lake Powell for the week and didn't know if we could get service enough to send and receive e-mails. We were fortunate enough to find service just enough for the e-mails to come through. Tender mercies! 

This week was good. Really good.

Yes, on Wednesday we got a new couch from the mission office. Elder
and Sister Danley dropped it off. They also took us to Dairy Queen to
get ice cream. It was good!!

On Thursday we went to Eugene to get our car fixed. The tiwi was
broken, and since the mission needs to know where we are we needed to
get it replaced. After, Elder Jensen (the vehicle coordinator) took us
out to lunch. It was awesome because Elder Cook and Elder Kellerstrass
are companions and they needed to get their tiwi fixed at the same
place, so we got to go get breakfast and lunch with them. It was great
because Elder Cook goes home next transfer. Good to see him.

On Friday we drove in for district meeting. It was great!! After we
stayed with the ZLs for the day. We stayed at their apartment that
night so we didn't have to drive back in for the baptism.

Saturday was the baptism. It was great! It was such a happy time!! I
loved it!! Sunday was the confirmation. Elder Atkinson confirmed Chuck
and I confirmed Dan. It was so awesome. The Holy Ghost was there. It
was so great!!

That brings us to today. We don't have much planned. Probably go up to
the church and play basket ball.

President Russell goes home on Friday. In honor of him, I want to
share one of his quotes. He always tells us "any excuse for lack of
performance, no matter how valid, only weakens the character." It's so
true, kinda reminds me of "losers make excuses, winners make it
happen" but it's true. I've been practicing owning up to mistakes and
circumstances. I think it's a good character trait to have. The way I see it, life could be like shooting a free throw. If you miss, it's not that there was a phantom breeze, or someone
distracted you, but it's on you. Own up to it, practice and make it

Love you!!

Elder Snyder.

(Ps, Elder Atkinson just found out that his family is going to lake
Powell. Now we're both trunky)

I was missing Bracken a ton on our trip to Lake Powell. On one of our hikes we saw Bracken's initials carved in the sandstone. It made me think he was right there with us. I love that kid and so happy we are on the 2nd half of our countdown! 

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